Professional, Flexible
& Cost Effective

UK's Lowest Cost
Vacant Property Security

  1. On-site / Off-site with 24-hours notice
  2. Prevent Squatting
  3. Prevent Unauthorised Access
  4. Prevent Dilapidation
    and Decay
  5. Prevent Vandalism
  6. Prevent Theft of Metals
  7. Prevent Fly-tipping
  8. Reduce Insurance Premiums
  9. 10% of the cost of conventional security
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Our Caretakers - Duties and Responsibilities

Ambika is contracted to occupy vacant properties on a 12-hour or
24-hour basis.


Every property has a minimum of two caretakers, who must communicate and work as a team to ensure that security cover is provided as required for the property.


The basic caretaker duties and responsibilities are;

  • Occupy and provide a resident caretaker service at a property. This is achieved by being on-site at the property as scheduled.

  • Undertaking a regular walk around the property to verify that the property is secure by checking doors, windows and other areas.

  • Undertaking a regular walk through the property to verify that there is no external damage e.g. broken roof tiles, graffiti, loose guttering, leaking overflow pipes

  • Undertaking a regular walk through of the property to verify that there is no internal damage e.g. leaks, areas of dampness, loose plastering

  • Keeping the property clean and organised

  • Keeping personal possessions clean and organised

  • Keeping personal visitors and noise to a minimum

  • Adhering to all Fire, Health and Safety instructions provided by Ambika

  • Reporting all incidents, accidents or damage to Ambika without delay

  • Forwarding all utility bills and important correspondence to Ambika without delay

  • Notifying all planned holidays or absences from the property

  • Dealing courteously and professionally with all authorised visitors to the property

  • Adhering to all relevant instructions provided by Ambika

Established in 1988

Ambika Security was established in 1988 for the Crown Estate. It is the UK's leading specialist provider of resident security for vacant property - residential and commercial.

Case Studies

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"In working together we provided a safer environment for our residents, allowed the programme to begin on
time and as no properties were squatted no costs were incurred for legal fees." Local Authority

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