Professional, Flexible
& Cost Effective

UK's Lowest Cost
Vacant Property Security

  1. On-site / Off-site with 24-hours notice
  2. Prevent Squatting
  3. Prevent Unauthorised Access
  4. Prevent Dilapidation
    and Decay
  5. Prevent Vandalism
  6. Prevent Theft of Metals
  7. Prevent Fly-tipping
  8. Reduce Insurance Premiums
  9. 10% of the cost of conventional security
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Vacant Property Security

Ambika specialises in vacant property protection for both residential and commercial buildings.

Securing and occupying vacant property quickly and effectively is important. Ambika has the experience and personnel to allow us to secure, occupy and vacate a property at a few hours notice.

Squatters, vandals and thieves often target empty properties, causing damage and costly delays to disposal and development schedules.

Our vacant property protection staff will occupy your property and prevents many problems associated with unused buildings and land

  • Squatting

  • Vandalism and graffiti

  • Fly-tipping

  • Architectural theft

  • Occupation by travellers

  • Theft of lead and copper

  • Weather damage and dilapidation



Our unique system involves installing resident caretakers who occupy the property on a non-tenancy basis. The Ambika service works because it is Professional, Cost Effective and Flexible.

  • Protection - peace of mind knowing that the property is 'occupied' and secure

  • Flexibility - property can be occupied or vacated within 24-hours

  • Cost – the lowest cost vacant property security solution in the UK - less than 10% of the cost of conventional security

  • Personnel - Our staff are vetted and security trained

  • Professional - Our staff are not 'key workers' or couples seeking low-cost accommodation

  • Management - Small, experienced management team provides easy point of contact

  • Track Record - 24 years experience with a wide range of organisations and properties

  • Added Value - Ambika also monitors damage, liaises with contractors, tenants and others


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Established in 1988

Ambika Security was established in 1988 for the Crown Estate. It is the UK's leading specialist provider of resident security for vacant property - residential and commercial.

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"In working together we provided a safer environment for our residents, allowed the programme to begin on
time and as no properties were squatted no costs were incurred for legal fees." Local Authority

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