Vacant Property Security
Resident Security Occupy Empty Buildings Since 1988

Save-money-iconSave £££ on Security Costs
Save £££ on Empty Business Rates
Save £££ on Property Recovery Costs

“LIVE-IN” Security Services

Since 1988 Ambika Security has protected vacant property by installing staff who reside in the property on a non-tenancy basis.

We provide specialised vacant property security – not ‘guardians’.

Using Ambika Caretakers or 24-Hour Security provides the most effective security solution for vacant property, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional security.

Every property is different, and Ambika has a range of solutions designed to protect your empty building – click on one of the menus below.

Four Easy Steps to Protect Vacant Property


Ambika has unrivalled experience in delivering vacant property security. We manage your property providing a 100% effective security solution, preventing misuse and communicating any issues.

  • On-site / Off-site with 24-hours notice
  • Prevent Squatting
  • Prevent Unauthorised Access
  • Prevent Dilapidation and Decay
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Prevent Theft of Metals
  • Prevent Fly-tipping
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums

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