Manned Guarding

caretaker1-300x164Ambika Security provides licenced and trained security guards to protect a wide range of commercial and residential properties.

Ambika realises that our staff are a direct reflection of your business.

  • SIA Licensed
  • Trained and Vetted
  • Good communication skills
  • Discretion and diplomacy
  • Able to act professionally in all situations

We recognise that not all properties are suitable for live-in security and utilise manned guarding for a wide variety of properties;

  • Occupied property requiring a security presence
  • Security for residential apartment blocks that have short-term security issues e.g. broken doors, elevator issues
  • Out of hours security for nearly-completed developments –
  • Temporary security for new acquisitions

Our manned guarding service is designed to ensure that the property is secure whilst also providing added-value;

  • Regular patrols of exterior and perimeter of property
  • Regular patrols of internal areas within the property
  • Free escorted property access service
  • Regular Health & Safety checks
  • Regular Fire Safety checks
  • Liaison with utility providers
  • Liaison with contractors

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