Bailiffs & Property Recovery


Ambika Security attends hundreds of evictions annually on behalf of our clients. Over 25 years we have recovered possession of thousands of properties enabling our clients to regain control of valuable assets.

Our track-record enables us to handle high-profile and sensitive evictions, and liaise with High Court Enforcement Officers, County Court Bailiffs and the local Police services.

Ambika staff are always SIA Licensed and are trained to provide a calm, authoritative presence in situations that are often stressful and require firm, decisive action always undertaken within the law.

We operate under on-going contract to many organisations but also manage one-off projects for our clients.

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Property Agents
  • Private Landlords

We offer a range of services tailored to individual requirements;

  • Attend evictions on behalf of clients
  • Signatory for bailiff documentation
  • Verification that properties are empty
  • Post recovery physical security (locksmiths, utility-check, boarding-up, cleaning and rubbish removal)
  • Post recovery ‘live-in’ security – click here for further information
  • Post recovery reports, checklists and images
  • Post recovery escorted visits for ex-tenants to collect their possessions

Ambika recognises that evictions are scheduled out of hours or at short notice and we work with our clients to provide excellent service.

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