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UK’s Leading Vacant Property Security Provider

On-site / Off-site with 24-hours notice

Prevent Squatting

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Prevent Dilapidation and Decay

Prevent Vandalism

Prevent Theft of Metals

Prevent Fly-tipping

Reduce Insurance Premiums

10% of the cost of conventional security

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Physical Security

Ambika works with a range of contractors to provide a fast and efficient service to the following standards.

All work undertaken is fully insured.

  • Locksmith (only British Standards locks are installed)
  • Damage repair and boarding up service
  • CCTV Installation
  • Hard wired alarm systems
  • Remote Alarms (battery powered)
  • Steel shuttering
  • Security doors

Established in 1988

Ambika Security was established in 1988 for the Crown Estate. It is the UK's leading specialist provider of resident security for vacant property - residential and commercial.

Case Studies

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"In working together we provided a safer environment for our residents, allowed the programme to begin on time and as no properties were squatted no costs were incurred for legal fees." Local Authority