Vacant Property Security
Resident Security Occupy Empty Buildings Since 1988

Save-money-iconSave £££ on Security Costs
Save £££ on Empty Business Rates
Save £££ on Property Recovery Costs

Save Money with Ambika

Three simple ways to SAVE money with Ambika Security 

Ambika specialises in vacant property protection for both residential and commercial buildings. Securing and occupying vacant property quickly and effectively is important. Ambika has the experience and personnel to allow us to secure, occupy and vacate a property at a few hours’ notice. 

Save £££ on Security Costs 

Installing security in vacant property provides the client with a range of flexible options designed to save money and increase the security of the building. 

Annualised Security Costs


Save £££’s on Empty Business Rates 

Ambika Security can help save thousands of pounds on Empty Property Business Rates for all properties empty for longer than 3 months. 

Using Ambika staff to occupy the property allows property owners to notify the Local Authority / Valuation Office that the building is partly occupied. 

This retains the primary use of the property as commercial but allows for relief against business rates for the occupied portion of the building.

£ Savings on Empty Property Rates v Security Costs


Save £££’s on Property Recovery Costs 

Unprotected commercial and residential properties are targeted by squatters, vandals, thieves. 

The legal costs associated with removing squatters, the costs of making the building secure and undertaking remedial tasks such as rubbish removal and repairs can be mitigated by installing Ambika.

Property Recovery Costs – Over £10,000