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Prevent Squatting

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Prevent Dilapidation and Decay

Prevent Vandalism

Prevent Theft of Metals

Prevent Fly-tipping

Reduce Insurance Premiums

10% of the cost of conventional security

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The Application Process

We accept caretaker applications from any person interested in an adventurous lifestyle. Ambika operates a waiting list for prospective caretakers.

*Please note that priority is given to an applicant who is given a reference by an existing Ambika caretaker.

All applicants are required to provide the following documents and information;

  • Valid Passport or UK Driving Licence
  • Valid entry visa or work permit for the United Kingdom
  • Completed Caretaker Application Form
  • Completed Caretaker Agreement
  • Police Subject Access Form – obtained from the Police

To be considered as a caretaker at an Ambika property all applicants must fulfil the following basic criteria;

  • Caretakers must be employed
  • Caretakers must be 21-years old as a minimum
  • Caretakers must have a good command of English
  • Caretakers must have a working mobile telephone
    (pay-as-you-go / monthly contract)
  • Caretakers must be responsible
  • Caretakers must be flexible and adaptable
  • Caretakers must be ready to move at short notice
  • Dependents (spouse, children etc) are not allowed at any property
  • Pets are not allowed at any property
  • Smoking is not allowed at any property


Established in 1988

Ambika Security was established in 1988 for the Crown Estate. It is the UK's leading specialist provider of resident security for vacant property - residential and commercial.

Case Studies

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"In working together we provided a safer environment for our residents, allowed the programme to begin on time and as no properties were squatted no costs were incurred for legal fees." Local Authority